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Berlins community around the Vue Framework and its ecosystem. We meet monthly every second Tuesday. Doors open at 19:00, talks usually start around 19:30.

🎫 Raffle time! 🎫

We are partnering with The Merge to give you, our community, free tickets for the event.

The Merge is the ultimate developer experience conference featuring top speakers from the tech industry, exciting and unexpected activities, and the chance to connect with a vibrant community of fellow developers and dev rel professionals. It is a one-of-a-kind event where learning, fun, and friendship merge into an unforgettable experience. The event happens on 13th and 14th of June in Arena Berlin.

We have at least seven tickets to give away in a raffle. If you want to participate, please mail either or mailto:jiri@vuejs.berli. The raffle will happen on:

The winners will get notified via the email address they used to write us.

Upcoming Event

Vue.js // Berlin2024-06-07
Pixel-art scenery collage of unicorns and fantasy landscapes in reduces colors with a Vuejs Logo blended on top of it.

Let's talk about Vue.js the Vue.js ecosystem!

This time one week earlier than usual!

Presentation 📽️

Cesar Martinez: 🎙 Hexagonal Architecture — (DDD Part 3/3)

An introduction into Domain Driven Design, with personal insights and examples. Part 3 of 3 is offering a solution: Hexagonal DDD.

Alex Podlubnyj: 🎙 NeoViM as IDE

A showcase of a sophisticated NeoViM setup, that strives for functionality typically found in IDEs.

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