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Berlins community around the Vue Framework and its ecosystem. We meet monthly every second Tuesday. Doors open at 19:00, talks usually start around 19:30.

Upcoming Event

Vue.js // Berlin Glühwein Edition2023-12-12
Pixel-art scenery of a co-working space set up in a cozy winter hut with a Vuejs Logo blended on top of it.

Let's talk about Vue.js the Vue.js ecosystem!

Presentation 📽️

Slots are open! If you want to have a talk, even if it's just a 10 minutes presentation of your last cat pic app, write us!

Swag'n'Goodies 😎

VueJS Amsterdam is back and we are once again their community partner! This means special benefits for you, like a 10% Voucher, if you use VUE10 as voucher code!

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