Vue.js // Berlin

For this meetup we will have the presentation:

Nacho Anaya - Vue.js and JWT!

JWT seems to be the new black in the authentication world. It is also a perfect fit when we need to add security in the client side. I will make an introduction to JWT, share my experience using it to "protect" SPA and show how easy is to implement it in your Vue.js app.

Nacho is Full Stack Developer, Tech Trainer and Speaker. Passionate about code, teach and field hockey. Mostly working with JavaScript, Vue.js & Node.js but he likes to contribute to any kind of dev community or OSS project. He is also @Auth0 ( Ambassador and Organizer at @Vuenos_Aires (

As always the round will be open for any topics and ideas around the Vue.js ecosystem. Discussions, Questions, Project ideas and presentations are welcome.

We will have Coffee, Mate, Beer …and Pizza!