Vue.js // Berlin

Lets talk about Vue.js, Vuex and the Vuejs ecosystem.

**** Presentation ****

** Yaw Boakye - Loading data into a Single Page Application **

Loading data into a Single Page Application and keeping it fresh is fraught with errors. During the talk we'll explore patterns for loading data (and refreshing them in the background or in the main thread) and how it affects route transitions.

We'll also take a good look at Vuex and the Vue Router and ways to make them work together for our users.

** About **

He is a member of the Ember Learning Team which is responsible for the documentation and official Ember Guides that can be found here: They are also responsible for other non-official learning material for the Ember framework. He recently moved to Berlin to work at hypcloud ( where they use Vue on the frontend.

As always the round will be open for any topics and ideas around the Vue.js ecosystem. Discussions, Questions, Project ideas and presentations are welcome.

We will have Coffee, Mate, Beer …and maybe Pizza!