Vue.js // Berlin meets Vue.js Berlin Roadtrip

This edition of our Vue.js Berlin Meetup will be very special. We will host official Vue.js Roadtrip meetup. So If you want to meet some Vue.js Core team members or Vue.js Experts this would be the right time.

We will also have the raffle for two tickets to the main event of Vue.js Berlin Roadtrip (

**** Presentation ****

  1. Vue.js Berlin Roadtrip Introduction
  2. Jiri Kratochvil (Senior Engineer at FromAtoB) - FromAtoVue
  3. Lucas Renan (Senior Engineer at FromAtoB) - Engineering culture without the bullshit
  4. Guillaume Chau (Core Team Member of Vue.js) - Vue CLI
  5. Sumit Kumar (Lead Developer at Car2Go) - vueJS @ car2go - TL;DR version
  6. Kiril Bunin (Vue.js Prague Community Leader) - Vue.js & Event Handling

Maybe we will have also some lightning talks or Q&A

Of course, we will have Coffee, Mate, Beer …and Pizza!