Vue.js // Berlin

For this February edition of our meetup, we managed to get three amazing topics from these wonderful people.

**** Presentation ****

  1. Tirumarai Selvan - Introduction to GraphQL: What is GraphQL and how its designed to improve your team’s communication.

In this talk, I will motivate how the process of API development and API integration is fraught with inefficiency that GraphQL was designed to streamline from the ground-up. In this unique introduction to GraphQL, we will cover the pros of GraphQL and its trade-offs that is ideal for developers looking for a rapid introduction to the why, what and how of GraphQL. I was a GraphQL skeptic and this talk is inspired by my journey of understanding how GraphQL works, why it is such an important idea and what makes it better than things that came before it.

Tiru is a senior engineer at Hasura, a GraphQL over Postgres platform. He is the lead developer of Hasura Event Triggers which enables serverless application development over Postgres. He is experienced in all layers of the stack from Javascript to Haskell, bare metal to containers. He is also the maintainer for 3factor ( app design pattern. Twitter:

  1. Florian Wendelborn - Using Vuex with TypeScript autocompletion in Vue Components

Florian is a freelance full-stack web developer currently working with 3YOURMIND. (You can also find my GitHub at

  1. Alberto Gualis - BDD testing in VueJS real world apps

Do you have automatic tests in your VueJS apps? Do you try to follow a TDD flow? Do you feel frustrated because you don't know how to test certain components or/with certain frameworks/libraries? Do you feel that using cypress is much easier than using jest to test your features?

In this talk I will to explain how we normally test our VueJS apps by following an outside-in BDD flow.

We will talk about:

the pyramid of testing, some testing/design practices and principles that apply both to the backend and to the frontend. tips to test Vuex/plugins/libraries in the VueJS ecosystem

And we will have some live code to show how to put everything in practice by testing a feature in a real VueJS app.

  • Spoiler: Do you use vue test-utils shallow in your tests? I consider it an anti-pattern and I will explain why

We will have Coffee, Mate, Beer and Pizza!