Vue.js // Berlin

Lets talk about Vue.js, Vuex and the Vuejs ecosystem.

**** Presentation ****

  1. Oscar - Accessible input validation

About the talk: Input validation is the cornerstone of every web form ever. While this has historically been a drag, nowadays libraries like Vuelidate make it easy. With validation out of the way, developers can use their time to build interfaces that are accessible and easy to use. Building an input component, Oscar will introduce you to the ARIA guidelines and how they help to build a Web that can be used by all humans.

About the speaker: Oscar writes code. He designs for web and print. He cares about accessibility, usability & performance. He is a typophile. He doesn’t specialize in pop art. He likes to think. And owls.

  1. Tonina - Vue Vixens

About the talk: Tonina will tell you what is Vue Vixens, what’s their mission and values and how to get involved with the organization

About the speaker: Tonina is a Software Developer at Wikimedia Germany. She has been part of VueVixens since March when she became the city coordinator for Berlin

  1. Víctor Díaz - Awesomic SVG and Vue.js tricks

About the talk: There are many JS libraries to use and manipulate SVG images but in many cases, just plain SVG and the beauty of Vue.js reactivity is more than enough. I want to show some tricks to create simple but inspiring results.

About the speaker: Víctor ( is an interaction designer & creative technologist based in Berlin.

We will have Coffee, Mate, Beer …and maybe Pizza!