Vue.js // Berlin

Thanks to honeypot we have a bigger and better venue now. More space, ground floor, plants, even phone booths! Thanks Honeypot. You're awesome!

**** Presentation ****

We'll watch something and there's definitely room for YOUR lightning talk. Please jump in, if you feel like.

I, as in Norman, will give a short talk about the new upcoming composition API in Vue 3. I'm really excited about the new possibilities and I'll not only show you what I mean with that but also how you can use the composition API already today!

Then there'll be pizza. And then more time for networking.

As I already announced, our planned speaker had to cancel unfortunately.

**** What else ****

We will have Coffee, Mate, Beer and Pizza! Yepp, I removed the "probably".

**** Code of Conduct ****

We follow the Berlin Code Of Conduct and expect every attendee to do the same. More details can be found on .