Vue.js // Berlin Online Edition

Our second edition of online meetup. Lets talks about Vue.js from safety and comfort of our houses.

**** Presentation ****

  1. Gavin Ray - Realtime GraphQL and Serverless made easy for Vue apps with Hasura

Hasura is a free and open source GraphQL Engine that can help supercharge your GraphQL adoption, whether it is for a new application or for an existing one.

That talk will cover: • Using GraphQL to make CRUD operations from a Vue application • Setting up access controls to data • Building realtime components in Vue using GraphQL Subscriptions • Wrapping existing REST APIs with GraphQL servers that can be deployed on Serverless platforms, and then merging them into a single endpoint using Remote Schemas • Triggering serverless functions on database events • In short, we’ll go through how Vue developers can adopt realtime GraphQL and Serverless using Hasura.

  1. Abdelrahman Awad - What's new in VeeValidate v4

With the composition API shipping with Vue 3, here is how vee-validate adapts to the new additions and builds upon them.

  1. Jiri & Norman After Talk with Gusto by Jiri Kratochvil, Norman Köhring, Darek "Gusto" Wedrychowski

Our first guest for After Talk is Darek Gusto. Vue.js core team member and admin at VueLand Discord.

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Prepare hot coffee or tea. Or if you want you can have beer or wine (No judging 😉 )

**** Code of Conduct ****

We follow the Berlin Code Of Conduct and expect every attendee to do the same. More details can be found on .