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Lets talk about Vue.js the Vue.js ecosystem!

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** Atharva Sharma - Let’s talk Lifecycle hooks in Vue **

Atharva builds engaging and high performance user interfaces that translate to a great experience and ultimately to high user conversions (one of his clients saw a growth of 617%).

In this talk, he’ll walk us through the complete Vue lifecycle, how he makes the most out of it, and how you can do the same to build battle-proof Frontends.

Working as an independent consultant, Atharva likes writing readable and oftentimes simple solutions to complex problems. He tries to keep most of his work open-source so that others can benefit from it too!

GitHub: LinkedIn:

** Sumit Kumar - The Stack of the Future - Prerendered Frontends and Serverless Functions**

In his pursuit of building profitable sideprojects, Sumit uses the latest tech stack for frontend developers to build powerful apps that require no complicated infrastructure work. In this talk, he will walk us through the stack from database to UI, the services he uses and why this setup is better than traditional SPAs.

Sumit documents the entire journey of building his projects on YouTube and Twitter. At daytime, he is Head of Engineering at SHARE NOW (car2go + DriveNow) and regularly speaks at meetups and conferences while.

Twitter: Youtube:

** After Talk with Sumit Kumar **

Other talks TBA

We will have Coffee, Mate, Beer …and probably Pizza!

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