Vue.js // Berlin

Lets talk about Vue.js the Vue.js ecosystem!

**** Presentation ****

  1. Tobias Schlufter - eCharts and Vue.js

eCharts is an Apache Incubator project which provides easy solutions for good looking and complex data visualizations. In this talk you will get an insight about how to create simple charts as well as complex oder 3D charts.

Contents of the talk:

  • Setup of VueJS and eCharts
  • Create a simple Chart
  • Create dynamic chart
  • Useful Utilities for depicting Data
  • How to make fancy charts and cool 3D charts

Tobias is working as a software developer at diva-e, mostly in Full Stack environments where VueJS is presenting the frontend and Java or Kotlin is part of the backend. Besides the projects he likes to talk about his learnings and share them with others.

  1. Julian Gonggrijp - Introducing modular Underscore

Julian currently works as a scientific programmer for the Digital Humanities Lab at Utrecht University. He loves to contribute to the open source community. He has a background in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Linguistics and Computer Science. In 2004, he participated in the International Biology Olympiad, Australia, as a member of the Dutch team. He likes to play go in his free time.

  1. After Talk Podcast with Julian Gonggrijp

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