Vue.js // Berlin

Lets talk about Vue.js the Vue.js ecosystem!

**** Presentation **** Currently it looks like there will be no presentation. In case nobody steps forward and offers to have a talk, we will simply have a small round for discussion with some pizza and drinks. If you have questions, issues, ideas, anything, feel free to ask!

**** Code of Conduct **** We follow the Berlin Code Of Conduct and expect every attendee to do the same. More details can be found on .

**** Corona **** We follow the current regulations regarding small, public events during the pandemic. Every attendee will need a proof of either:

  • a negative test from the same day (not 24h!),
  • full vaccination,
  • full recovery. In addition to this medical masks need to be worn whenever someone is moving around and we need to log every visitor either via app or via a simple form.

There will be a limited amount of self-tests and masks available.