Vue.js // Berlin New Years Edition

Pixel-art scenery of a co-working space set up in a cozy winter hut with a Vuejs Logo blended on top of it.

Let's talk about Vue.js the Vue.js ecosystem!

Presentation 📽️

Jakub: Taproot - How Ecosia built their own web app framework, and why you should, too!

"Build our own framework" sounds like something out of a small company CTO's worst nightmare. Unless you're a huge tech corporation, it is usually best practice to use existing frameworks and focus on implementing features. However, a number of recent libraries and tools are helping us rethink what a framework really is, empowering us to take more control of our tech stacks while improving performance and maintainability. In this talk, I'm going to show you why (and how) we built Taproot, an in-house Vue SSR framework at Ecosia; our design decisions, pitfalls and shifts in mindset; and how this helped us improve Web vitals on our Images vertical by up to 25%.

Romuald & Aurelien: Vike - Like Nuxt, but as do-one-thing-do-it-well Vite plugin

Formerly known as Vite-plugin-ssr, Vike is a framework on top of Vite that gives you control over the tools you want. It is used by Taproot and in this lightning talk we will learn more about it.

Kailaash: Short introduction into Card Sorting

Card sorting is a technique in user experience design, in which a person tests a group of subject experts or users to generate a category tree. It is a useful approach for designing information architecture, workflows, menu structure, or web site navigation paths. -- Wikipedia

Slots are open! If you want to have a talk, even if it's just a 10 minutes presentation of your last cat pic app, write us!

Swag'n'Goodies 😎

VueJS Amsterdam is back and we are once again their community partner! This means special benefits for you, like a 10% Voucher, if you use VUE10 as voucher code!

If you are up for some swag, OfferZen gave us some cool shirts, and there should be some left.

We also will have Coffee, Mate, Beer …probably Pizza… and how about Glühwein?

Code of Conduct 🫶

We follow the Berlin Code Of Conduct and expect every attendee to do the same. More details can be found on