Raffle Time!

Dear Vue'sers,

This message should have reached you last weekend already and I'm very sorry for the delay. But here it finally is: The Raffle-Howto!


We decided that all active members of the meetup can (and will) participate in the Raffle but under certain conditions. There will be at least one ticket for every member of Vuejs Berlin. But some factors that get you more of these tickets:

  • Membership (basis): +1
  • Active Member: +1
  • Actually visited a meetup: +1
  • In the top 5 of meetup visitors: +1
  • Member of any Sponsor or (co-)organizers: -4

Anyone who wasn't active until now has the unique chance to triple their chances just by coming to the meetup on Tuesday, yeah!

Winners announcement

The first meetup in January will be the one where we will draw tickets out of an actual box with paper pieces and announce the winners. Real as in physical, hackerproof pieces of paper in a real box. How hipster is that?

The prices

After long discussions, lots of bribery and some minor threats (no I'm kidding of course) we could get some awesome prices for you! Our sponsors are:

FromAtoB and Vuejs Amsterdam

And we got prices from

Udemy, Code School and Leanpub

And of course the main price: A ticket to the first Vuejs Conference in Amsterdam!

I hope you are as excited as we are! Please come back to me any time if you have questions, ideas, critics.

See you on the next meetup!