June 2018

Dear Vue'sers,

I thought about a monthly mail to send general updates about the Vuejs Berlin community, including community status, what you might have missed in the last meetup and more general information about the Vue eco system. What do you think about that? Feel free to answer to this mail and give feedback and ideas!

Let's start with some exciting numbers!

The Vuejs Berlin Community has already 868 members at the time of writing. That is a pretty impressive number and it makes us one of the biggest Vuejs Meetup in the world! For comparison: The oldes Vuejs Meetup in Europe is Vuejs London with 776 Members, followed by Vuejs Paris (held by one of the core members) with 1764 Members. Vuejs Amsterdam, from the organizers of the conference, has 732 members. With over 850 members we are the fourth biggest meetup after Paris (1764), Sao Paulo (1562) and New York (970)! (see diclaimer at the end)

One reason for the success of our meetup is the fact that we had at least one Vuejs related talk in every meetup since this year. This wouldn't be possible without volunteers so please contact me or Jiri if you have an interesting thing to talk about. Everything is possible as long as it is somehow related to Vuejs!


The next meetup will be at 10th of July. We are still open for your ideas, so if you want to have a talk, feel free to write!

In case you want to do something before the next meetup, there is a beginners workshop at the 21st of this month. It starts 18:30 at Takeaway.com offices in Berlin and is completely free! See more here.

What you might have missed last time

Imad Abdulkarim talked about how to integrate Vue in your Django web application without losing the templating and rendering capabilities of Django. Learn more in the recording.

What was not recorded was a second surprise talk from Charles Fleche about using Vue and Vuex for a 3D projection mapping application. He described the underlying models and how he kept it performant.

After the talks we discussed the security problems of external package management systems like NPM, Rubys Bundler and Pythons Site-Packages and how to deal with the dependency to their services in case of an outage.

That's it for this time! Come and visit us in July! Apart from Vuejs related talks, we have Pizza, Beer and soft drinks.

Best Norman


I searched through meetup.com, but the search function is not perfect and doesn't show Paris for example. If you know about other bigger Vuejs meetups, please tell me.