July 2018

Dear Vue'sers,

welcome to the second monthly Vuejs Berlin newsletter, or 2ndMVBN for short! Just kidding, no abbreviations here. We better use the VuejsBerlinNewsletterInterfaceGenerator class and version it!


Since the last newsletter, 46 new members registered. With 914 members we're closing up to Vuejs New York, which grew by "only" 32 members in the same time. Whoop whoop!

But more importantly: Congratulations VuejsNYC for crossing the 1000 members mark! Awesome achievement!


After the meetup is before the meetup! Our next meetup will be on 14th of August! Save the date. Get some pizza, beer and maybe a talk about some digging game made with Vuejs.

We decided that we need a bit more structure for meetups with more than one talk. Things will take too long otherwise and the last presenter will have a hard time to keep peoples attention. More to that will be announced on the meetup page.

What you might have missed

We had two interesting talks yesterday.

Johannes Werner from BCG Digital Ventures talked about his absolutely fabulous vue-starter. Check out the website and docs to learn more about this opinionated boilerplate that contains just about everything you'll ever need for a jump start.

Afterwards Sultan Iman talked about REST patterns, explaining thoroughly the different approaches to structure the API call side of your application. The slides and a blog version of the talk are available online. Definitely worth a look!

You can find the recordings in our Youtube channel as soon as they are ready!

What to do until next meetup

Impatient people can check out some of the following links to keep up to date until the next meetup:

vue-cli reached release candidate status and got its own docs! I didn't find time yet to check it out but I definitely will. Maybe someone wants to talk about it at one of the upcoming meetups?

If documentation is to direct, try Stéphane Péricats excellent article about Vue UI to get your mouth wettenend.

If you're completely new to Vuejs, I can recommend CSS-Tricks Guide to Vuejs. It is a five part series introducing the framework, giving a very good overview and also quite some detail on what you can do and how.


I thought it might make sense to put a jobs section here, at least until we have a good job board on vuejs.berlin (development here is still stalling 😢).


Our main sponsor (thanks a lot for all the pizza!) is looking for a Frontend developer. They are using Vuejs (and some legacy rails templates), and working there would be your perfect opportunity to never miss a meetup again!

If you're interested, head out to Jiri.


Wunderdog is an awesome place to work for people who value a fabulous culture and lots of freedom, but know that this comes with responsibility. Learn more here: https://wunder.dog/fullstack-developer-berlin-germany

Any more vacancies? Write me and I'll update the list!

And that's it for this month! Check out the web version of this newsletter to get updates and typo fixes!