August 2018

Dear Vue'sers,

welcome to the third Vuejs Berlin newsletter.


Our community got its 970th member today! So we grew even more last month then the month before (+56 vs +46). I think this is pretty awesome and if the trend holds we can greet the 1000th member pretty soon! (Now imagine me doing a happy dance).


The next Vuejs // Berlin meetup will be on 11th of September and we already have a talk to announce for that date: Junyu Pu from 3YOURMIND will talk about the Kotti Design System. Read more about it on the website and check out Junyus Github.

Because some people only come for the food: Yes, there will be pizza again, thanks to our awesome sponsor FromAtoB.

What you might have missed

This months meetup hosted the awesome Darek Wędrychowski a.k.a. Gusto from VueLand. He intially planned to have an in-depth talk about his current project called Formics, a form generator for Vuejs. Unfortunately because of a series of events he lost the prepared presentation and had to improvise a lot. We still learned a lot from his presentation though and I'm looking forward to the intended version of the talk when he will have in Kyiv soon.

For the first time we had a live stream via Instagram with guests from as far as Argentinia. I hope we can build on this to engage more people from all over the world!

As always you'll find the recording on our Youtube channel as s oon as they are ready.

And that's it for this month! Check out the web version of this newsletter to get updates and typo fixes!