September 2018

Dear Vue'sers,

greetings from Vagnasstaðir Hostel in the middle of nowhere (a.k.a.Iceland) and welcome to the fourth and probably longest overdue Vuejs // Berlin newsletter. I actually planned to send out the newsletter the day after the last meetup but latest coming weekend. Please shout at me if this happens again. Thank you.


This month, just a few days before our meetup, our community reached the huge milestone of one thousand members! It is fantastic to see this community growing. I kind of promised a happy dance and I did one! Really! But I want to make clear that, even if it might have looked a bit like it, this is in no way a competition with other meetups. All communities in the open source world should work together to make the world a better place. Comparing members, likes or whatsoever distracts from that original mission. This is why I will stop comparing the membership numbers of other Vuejs meetup groups from now on.


Some important announcements this time! We have a new homepage, the next meetup will be awesome (there's a popcorn machine...) and the Vuejs Roadtrip is soon coming to Berlin!

New Homepage

Finally some work was done on our homepage! Please check it out and tell us what you think. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Upcoming Meetup

In just a few days, on October 9th, the next meetup happens. This time with only Jiri. I'm currently writing this while being stuck at the Keflavik Airport in Island. Good times! I'll stay here for a bit (in Island, not on the airport), taking some time off of computer stuff, hunting northern lights and getting a cold (probably).

But don't miss the meetup! Jiri is an awesome guy! I'm also really sad to miss the talk by Peter Leonov about Introscope, a unit testing tool that leaverages Babel transforms! The internet connection might not be good in the middle of nowhere so I guess I'll miss the livestream too. Luckily there will be recordings.

Vuejs Roadtrip Berlin

In November the Vuejs Roadtrip will come to Berlin! Our awesome sponsor FromAtoB will host the event at their offices. We're still figuring out if there will be a meetup additionally to the Roadtrip event and we would value your opinion. Should we have the meetup on November 13th, ten days before the Roadtrip? Write us or even better use meetups commenting section.

What you might have missed

Junyu from 3YOURMIND explained the benefits of a design system on the example of "Kotti", the design system written and used by his company. The talk gave a good insight into the challenges of creating your own design system and showed how existing libraries can be integrated to add missing functionality.

As always you'll find the recording on our Youtube channel as s oon as they are ready (I'm pretty sure they are long ready...).

What to do until next meetup

Ha! Not much! Not even a week is left! But I can still recommend some interesting things:

Evan You published the planned features for Vue 3.0 at The Vue Point. Some extremely interesting things are about to come. Although not all of them are following my personal preference (namely class based components by default) they always seem to offer the legacy way as alternative for us grumpy, old-fashioned people. Fragments and Portals are the most interesting new featuresfor me, right after the proxy based reactivity of course.

Not long ago was also the first Vuejs conference in London! Many interesting talks from Evan You, Sara Vieira, Sebastien Chopin, Jen Looper and a lot more awesome people. Definitely check out the recordings as soon as they are out and your time is well spent.

If you're completely new to Vuejs, I can recommend CSS-Tricks Guide to Vuejs. It is a five part series introducing the framework, giving a very good overview and also quite some detail on what you can do and how.



Our main sponsor (thanks a lot for all the pizza!) is looking for a Frontend developer. They are using Vuejs (and some legacy rails templates), and working there would be your perfect opportunity to never miss a meetup again!

If you're interested, head out to Jiri.


Wunderdog is an awesome place to work for people who value a fabulous culture and lots of freedom, but know that this comes with responsibility. If you can see yourself as a consultant, you can learn more at the job listing or reach out directly to me.

Any more vacancies? Write me and I'll update the list!

And that's it for this month! Check out the web version of this newsletter to get updates and typo fixes!