October 2018

Dear Vue'sers,

welcome to the fifth Vuejs // Berlin newsletter. I'm writing this newsletter without actually having been at the last meetup which is why the what you might have missed section got a more fitting name.


tl;dr: The November meetup will be on Thursday, November 22nd!

November will be a very special month for us: The Vuejs Roadtrip is coming to Berlin!

The main event will take place at the community space of Blacklane on November 23rd. One day before the event, we will have our meetup joined with the Roadtrip meetup at the usual place in the FromAtoB office.

Don't miss out on this. There will not only be core members and high profile talks but also the chance to win tickets to the main event!

And there are also some news for December already! December 4th and 5th will be the Frontend Con 2018 in Warsaw. Vuejs // Berlin is community partner of this conference and thanks to that we can offer 10% discount on the conference tickets for our community. Additionally for every fifth ticket that is purchased with our community code we get a free ticket. So check out their speakers and if you want a discount, write us!

What I definitely have missed 😭

As you might noticed, I missed the last meetup which first of all broke my intent to keep this Newsletter neutral (as in no "I") and of course made me super sad. I missed Peter Leonovs talk about Introscope (but I watched the recording). I missed the popcorn machine 🍿 and I felt the need to use emojis for the very first time in this newsletter 🎉💯🤣

What to do until next meetup

If you have a blog or any other publishing you might consider trying Vuepress. vuejs.berlin is made with it, too. I'm mentioning it because version 1.0 is now in alpha stage and it brings some super interesting new features like plugin support!

Now that plugins are a topic, you might have noticed that Vue-CLI version 3 also has plugin support. If you wonder what that means: For example you can add SSR to your existing Vue application with just one line (or a few clicks in the UI)! See Akryums SSR plugin for more information. And if you want to get a step further, consider writing your own plugin!

If you're completely new to Vuejs, I can as always recommend the CSS-Tricks Guide to Vuejs. It is a five part series introducing the framework, giving a very good overview and also quite some detail on what you can do and how. And no, I'm not (yet?) getting paid for putting this paragraph in here all the time 😄


Universal Music

Universal Music (yes, the big music business) is looking for Vuejs developers in Berlin to build and enhance their financial reporting and data products.

You can get more information at their job offer.


Our main sponsor (thanks a lot for all the pizza!) is looking for a Frontend developer. They are using Vuejs (and some legacy Rails), and working there would be your perfect opportunity to never miss a meetup again!

If you're interested, head out to Jiri.


Wunderdog is an awesome place to work for people who value a fabulous culture and lots of freedom, but know that this comes with responsibility. If you can see yourself as a consultant, you can learn more at the job listing or reach out directly to me.

Any more vacancies? Write me and I'll update the list!

And that's it for this month! Check out the web version of this newsletter to get updates and typo fixes!