November 2018

Dear Vue'sers,

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tl;dr: The December meetup will be about gaming

On the Vuejs Roadtrip event in Berlin Norman had a talk about his game programming journey with Vuejs. For everyone who couldn't attend the event we have good news: He will have his talk once more in our December meetup!

What you might have missed

In collaboration with the Team from Vuejs Roadtrip we brought the Vuejs Berlin and Vuejs Roadtrip meetup together on the day before the main event.

Around 60 people participated and enjoyed 6 talks. Thats one talk per 10 people. Sounds exclusive, doesn't it?

After a short introduction from James (organizer of the Roadtrip and Vuejs Amsterdam), Jiri talked about how FromAtoB found its way to Vuejs (hint: it was quite some convincing necessary). Lucas, another Senior Engineer at FromAtoB then talked about Engineering Culture but without the bullshit. It was a pleasure to also have Victoria Bergquist talking about her fantastic gradient generator tool Shapy. After her, Sumit Kumar from Car2Go told us a bit more about the many uses of Vuejs at Car2Go. Last but not least Kiril Bunin, the Vuejs Prague Community Leader, talked about Event handling in Vuejs.

What an evening!

The following day was the main Vuejs Roadtrip event. You can read more about it in their medium article and on (in german).

What to do until next meetup

Fill out Monterails The State of Vuejs Survey. 10 Minutes of your time to help getting an overview of the current state of Vuejs.

Try out the newest Vuejs Beta Release and report any bugs you find.

Turn your Vuejs application into a PWA.


Universal Music

Universal Music (yes, the big music business) is looking for Vuejs developers in Berlin to build and enhance their financial reporting and data products.

You can get more information at their job offer.


Our main sponsor (thanks a lot for all the pizza!) is looking for a Frontend developer. They are using Vuejs (and some legacy Rails), and working there would be your perfect opportunity to never miss a meetup again!

If you're interested, head out to Jiri.


Wunderdog is an awesome place to work for people who value a fabulous culture and lots of freedom, but know that this comes with responsibility. If you can see yourself as a consultant, you can learn more at the job listing or reach out directly to me.

Any more vacancies? Write me and I'll update the list!

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