April 2019

Dear Vue'sers,

welcome to seventh Vuejs // Berlin newsletter. This one should be titled "delay is just a word".


tl;dr: We're terribly sorry AND location change for the next meetup

The meetup flourished in 2019 and there was not a single event without at least one speaker, yet we didn't have any newsletters or recordings since January.

We want to apologize for this. Sure, lots of excuses could be piled up here but that is not the point. We'll try to get back on track and this newsletter is the start. Unfortunately no recordings happened on the April meetup though.

There's one actual announcement to make still: The May meetup will not be at the FromAtoB offices at usual. Instead you'll find us at the 3YOURMIND office space. This is a one time special event, so everything will be back to normal in June. More information will be coming soon on the Meetup page.

What you might have missed

In case you missed the last meetup you unfortunately also missed Damian, Vuejs Core Team member, curator of Vue.js News, author of Vue Multiselect and generelly an awesome person. He talked about Composing Components in Vuejs and showed us different ways of composition and how and when they make sense.

Our second talk was by Mike Solomon, the founder of Meeshkan, a Helsinki based DevOps company, who is also the artistic director of Ensemble 101. He talked about Testing Apps with third-party API integrations and told us about different strategies and best practices to test API integrations in node apps.

The third awesome thing you might have missed is our little spontaneous conference ticket raffle: iJS, the international JavaScript conference in London sponsored a free ticket and a 15% dicount voucher for the whole community. To get the discount, use the voucher vue-ijs-15-berlin at the ticket shop.

What you might have missed before

Because there were no newsletters for the past meetups, here a summary of what you have missed in case you didn't visit us (no hard feelings, it happens to the best of us): March

Sara Vieira, well known developer advocate, conference speaker and developer at CodeSandbox, showed us a workflow for building the web in the web, that is CodeSandbox and all its glory. Check out the What to do until next time section for more.

Aria Minaei, full-stack developer and founder of TheaterJS, animated his way to glory with his design tool Theatre.js. February

Tirumarai Selvan, senior engineer at Hasura and maintainer of 3FactorApp, gave us an introduction into GraphQL and showed us how it is designed to improve team communication. * Florian Wendelborn, freelance full-stack web developer, showed us how to ue Vuex with TypeScript autocompletion in Vue Components. * Alberto Gualis full-stack developer at Sennder told us, that shallow mount in vue test utils is an anti pattern and even explained why. He talked about BDD testing in VueJS real world apps. January

Alex Podlubnyj talked about a training app he created with Vuejs on top of the Symfony framework. What to do until next time

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