May 2019

Dear Vue'sers,

welcome to eighth Vuejs // Berlin newsletter.


tl;dr: We're back at the FromAtoB office!

Our last meetup was a cooperation with 3YOURMIND, which kindly offered us their office space and showed great hospitality to our guests with drinks and food. We enjoyed working with them. The June meetup will be in the FromAtoB office again.

What you might have missed

In case you missed the last meetup you unfortunately also missed the fantastic beer sponsored by 4scotty. Thank you for the generous offer! You also missed our partnership announcement. Vuejs//Berlin is official community partner of WeAreDevelopers, the World’s Largest Developers Congress. As member of our community you can get 25% off of the ticket price by using the voucher code 25_WAD_VuejsBerlin. You also have the chance to win a free ticket. More information about this will follow in a later mail and via

We had three fantastic talks. Amr Draz from 3YOURMIND talked about React patterns that are transferable to Vue. As a experienced React developer he started to work with Vue and not only found directly matching patterns but also told us how some common React patterns map to Vuejs.

A backend developer who was, I am quoting: "forced to use Vue for over half a year" is Ian Chiles. He showed us Parceljs, a zero-config web bundler. The cool thing about Parcel is that you can just throw all kinds of files at it. Be it Javascript, TypeScript or even Rust(!), Parcel will automatically download all the necessary tools to make it work.

Last but not least Alex Podlubnyj talked about the WUE WordPress Theme. Out of the frustration that no plug'n'play Wordpress themes exist that use Vuejs but are also delivered directly by Wordpress, Alex created exactly that. The theme is open source and available on Github.

What to do until next time

First of all you should of course wait for the details about our WeAreDevelopers ticket raffle. I hope to send out the mail of the week.

If you're a VS Code user, you might want to update ( The newest version reduces memory and CPU usage thanks to improved file system access. It also supports arrow functions in interpolations.

Gridsome 0.6 is out! Gridsome is a Vuejs framework that uses GraphQL data sources to create server side rendered static web pages. Version 0.6 introduces the Page API that gives you full control of page creation and allows you inserting pages into other pages. I'll check it out for sure.

If you're still more into jQuery, you might be interested in the article Making The Move From jQuery To Vue on CSS-Tricks.