June 2019

Dear Vue'sers,

welcome to the ninth Vuejs // Berlin newsletter.


tl;dr: Next meetup at Homeday

The last meetup was back at the FromAtoB offices and this will also be our main meetup venue. But from time to time we move around to give you some wallpaper change. Homeday, an innovative real estate agent, generously offered us their event space as venue for our July meetup! You'll soon find the address on the respective event on meetup. What you might have missed

4scotty kindly sponsored some crates of beer again. Thank you once more. To be completely honest, we hope this will become a habit of you, 4scotty.

We had three super interesting talks last time. Oscar talked about accessibility with Vuejs. We learned about ARIA guidelines and how they help to build a web that is accessible by all humans.

Tonina told us everything about Vue Vixens and their mission and values. Because of the importance of this topic, this newsletter contains a special section explaining what Vue Vixens do.

Putting the cherry on the cake, Víctor showed how to make beautiful and creative SVG animations with only Vuejs reactivity and without the need for external libraries.

Special: Vue Vixens

Vue Vixens Logo

Vue Vixens is a non profit initiative which aims to familiarize women and those who identify as such with Vue.js in a supportive and inclusive environment. They do that by organizing self driven workshops where participants build Vue.js web applications. These workshops are usually held around tech conferences. If you want to get involved check out their website vuevixens.org, join their slack channel and introduce yourself. You can also follow Vue Vixens on Twitter. If you want to help organize or mentor at workshops please contact a VueVixens chapter leader or a city coordinator. Of course you can also always buy some Vue Vixens swag.

What to do until next time

Check out the a11y project and learn everything about accessibility. We as developers are in power to make the internet with its vast amounts of content reachable and accessible for everyone.

Think about supporting projects like Vue Vixens. You might help with mentoring, financial or simply by sharing the word.

If you are new to testing Vuejs applications, check out this beginner-friendly guide by Vladislav Bulyukhin.