July 2019

Dear Vue'sers,

welcome to the tenth Vuejs // Berlin newsletter. Lets celebrate the second digit!


tl;dr: Next meetup is hosted by brandung GmbH

After a great event at Homeday we will move the meetup to yet another location. This time brandung, a digital agency with offices in Cologne and Berlin, is hosting us. As always you'll find the address on the meetup page.

What you might have missed

Our host Homeday also uses Vuejs. But sometimes topics beyond development are important and of interest as well. Vinicius, one of their developers, told us about Brotli. Brotli is a fairly new compression algorithm that aims to complement and one day maybe replace the now standard GZip compression.

Afterwards Emre told us everything about different Vuejs frameworks, or flavors as he called them. He compared plain Vuejs development with Nuxtjs and Gridsome. They both do very similar things but use rather different approaches. This might be a good place to mention, that vuejs.berlin is built with Gridsome.

What to do until next time

If you are a freelancer, you might want to check out Malt, a well known freelancing platform from France that newly opened up an office in Berlin.

If you never built a web application with Gridsome or Nuxt, I absolutely recommend to give them both a try. They might make your life easier, especially if paired with services like Netlify.

You can also check out https://news.vuejs.org/. It currently lists a good bunch of tutorials about all kinds of things, from beginner topics to more advanced ones.