May 2020

Dear Vuesers,

There are some awesome updates that I want to share!

Not so awesome: Since the CoViD19 pandemic changed all our lives our meetup changed as well.

Awesome despite of that: We're fully online now and that brings some challenges but also lots of possibilities. We started really well with the first international Vuejs Meetup that happened to be at the same time as our local meetup would've been. The international Meetup got around 800 viewers from all over the world.

Two weeks later we had our first online Vuejs//Berlin. We had two awesome talks and a long open discussion round afterwards. We think this format worked pretty well so kept it for the second meetup and invited Gusto to join our After Talks Talk. Thanks to the awesome effort of Jiří we had really good and fast streaming via Youtube.

And even more exciting: We decided to not only upload the talks as separate videos but also create something entirely new for us:

The Vuejs//Berlin Podcast!

First release will be tonight with Episode 0. As soon as it is online we'll share it via social media, so don't forget to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

And there are even more news this time! The folks of our awesome Sponsor Honeypot created something really exciting:


Honeypots new platform is full of interesting articles, all their originals like the Vuejs Documentary and so much more. I already dived into it and I think it is a great platform for us developers. Give it a try!

Enough of the good news? Of course not. But that's it for this newsletter and I hope to see you in our next meetup on 9th of June!