Vuejs Conference Ticket giveaway

Hello dear Vuesers,

I'm extremely happy to inform you that we have still two free tickets for the Vuejs Conference in... virtual Amsterdam from 26th till 27th of Februar! Check out https://vuejs.amsterd...­ for all the infos about the conference and check our Twitter in the upcoming days for a tweet about the ticket. We will give away one ticket this week and the last ticket will be given to one of the meetup attendees next Tuesday.

Yes, you read that right! Next Tuesday is the next virtual Vuejs // Berlin meetup. We will update the meetup page and homepage soon with more details. We also still have a spot for a speaker and aftertalk. So if you feel like not only talking to a virtual audience but also to us about literally everything except bitcoins, write us! You can reach us via Meetup, Twitter, Instgram, probably even Facebook if that is still a thing.

I'm looking forward to next Tuesday. Stay tuned and enjoy your time!