November 2022

Hi there,

Looking for some fresh Nuxt 3 updates? We’ve got news for you!

The Nuxt community will gather once more in the virtual rooms of the Nuxt Nation Conference!

On the 16th-17th of November, Vue School is organizing the second edition of the largest Nuxt event out there, the Nuxt Nation Conference.

→ Reserve your FREE seat to learn the latest Nuxt 3 updates ←

Nuxt Nation 2022 offers exclusive updates on the current state of Nuxt 3, including its most exciting feature and additions to the framework.

All under the direct guidance and instruction of the framework’s finest experts: Sebastien Chopin, Daniel Roe, Pooya Parsa, Michael Thiessen, Cecelia Martinez, Daniel Kelly, and many others!

And that’s not all! The conference is featuring a LIVE panel discussion between two Core Teams:

Discover how these two stellar frameworks can work together and uncover the future possibilities of their growth and collaboration, all directly from the source - Join the live discussion between Evan You, Matias Capeletto, Anthony Fu, Pooya Parsa, and Sebastien Chopin to get the juicy details!

Vue School, in its mission to make learning accessible to all, is giving the opportunity to everyone from the Vue and Nuxt communities (and beyond) to sign up for this event FREE of charge - so hurry up and reserve your ticket.