Vuejs//Berlin April 2023 is coming!

Hello Vuesers,

we are looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming Vuejs//Berlin meetup next week! Some exciting things are waiting for you.

Foremost, we will have a talk, or maybe even two! But unfortunately, the persons who came to us on the last meetup, didn't write us yet. So, if you are reading this and want to have a talk next week, write us (if you didn't come to us, last time, write us anyway).

Afterwards, there will be yet another ticket raffle! Vuejs Live in London is a hybrid (remote/on-site) conference with 35 speakers, 10 workshops, over 10000 people joining online, and you could be one of the 300 luckies meeting in person in London on May 12th. We have two tickets for the event to give away. Check out to see, what you might be missing!

And, last but not least, we have a new Sponsor for our meetup! OfferZen don't just have a really cool website, they also send us swag to give away! Fancy a cool shirt? Yet another good reason, to come to the next meetup!

We're looking forward to see you all Tuesday, 11th of April at the Wunderdog Office!