Vue.js Nation 2024

Hi there, If you want to enter 2024 ready with the knowledge of the latest, tips, tricks, and developments for the Vue ecosystem tools, libraries, and frameworks, we have a must-attend event for you!

Vue.js Nation 2024, organized by Vue School, is happening this week!

Here’s what makes Vue.js Nation 2024 a must-attend event:

  • Vue.js Nation brings an epic lineup of speakers! Insights on the Vue.js ecosystem are presented by a distinguished lineup of 20+ speakers, including industry leaders such as Evan You (Creator of Vue.js and Vite), Alex Kyriakidis (Founder & CEO of Vue School), Daniel Roe (Head of Nuxt Framework), Abdelrahman Awad (Author of VeeValidate), Eduardo San Martin Morote (Creator of Pinia and Vue Router), John Leider (Creator of Vuetify), and many more community experts including Ramona Schwering, Luke Diebold, Filip Rakowski, Guillaume Chau, Cagatay Civici, Maria Lamardo, Michael Thiessen, and others.
  • Key technology roadmaps and development plans revealed: Catch up with the latest advancements in Vue.js, Nuxt, Quasar, TypeScript, Pinia, PrimeVue, TresJS, Vuetify, Composition API, and other pivotal technologies such as Radix Vue, Playwright, and Vitest. Get insights into their features and benefits, as well as an overview and input of their roadmaps, exciting projects in the works, and plans for the upcoming year.
  • Exclusive insights: Gain exclusive tips and tricks from the Vue.js Core Team and other leading experts. Explore diverse topics, including Vue.js + 3D (Blender, ThreeJS), Accessibility, Security and Components, Performance, JavaScript, and more.
  • Attending this event is 100% FREE! Vue.js Nation remains committed to being the largest and only 100% free Vue.js online conference in the world, and we hope to see you there! → Join Vue.js Nation for free 24-25 January

It only happens once a year, so don’t miss out!

Wishing you a Beautiful year ahead!

Best Vue.js // Berlin