Events & Recordings

Our meetups take place monthly every second Tuesday at 7pm. We usually have at least one talk right after we ate some pizza and had some drinks. We also stream and record the talks from time to time. Records are usually available one or two days after the meetup. Unfortunately there are no recordings since a few months due to a technical issue. We're working on it.

  1. Vue.js // Berlin 2019-07 @ Homeday (2019-06-09 17h, 2 talks)
  2. Vue.js // Berlin 2019-06 (2019-05-11 17h, 3 talks)
  3. Vue.js // Berlin 2019-05 @ 3YOURMIND (2019-04-14 17h, 3 talks)
  4. Vue.js // Berlin 2019-04 (2019-03-09 17h, 2 talks)

Older Events

You can find older events on the Meetup Page.